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The clubhouse was designed by architect Ruben Payumo, featuring a distinctive three-cone roof inspired by the famous "salakot" hats of Filipino farmers.

Perched atop a hill, the clubhouse offers members and guests a magnificent view of the Makati and Ortigas skylines. This area also happens to be the highest elevation in Forest Hills, making it the perfect location for the Veranda. The open plan of the Veranda takes advantage of the cooler temperature in Antipolo and creates a charmingly breezy area.

Spatial planning for the Main Clubhouse took into consideration the traffic flow of golfers to provide them with a first-class golfing experience. Every detail was considered – from the moment they drop off their bags all the way until they head to the course. With much care and effort, a smooth traffic flow was achieved despite the hilly terrain.

The Clubhouse comes complete with lockers and showers, massage rooms, Jacuzzis, a ballroom, 80-person conference room, air-conditioned bar and dining facilities, Pro Shop, a fully-equipped clinic, 250-person capacity veranda, and complete support facilities. There is also a covered facility for about seventy club owned golf carts and ample parking for the members and guests.

A ballroom and fine dining restaurant is scheduled for completion within the year.

Our menu includes both native Filipino and international fare, served at the veranda from 6AM – 8PM everyday except Mondays.